Custom Web and Mobile App Development
Vectified Software is a North Carolina-based software development company specializing in mobile and web-based apps.

With over 20 years in web and mobile app development, Vectified Software has the experience and expertise to turn your vision into the reliable and stable solution your users deserve.

Whether you need a mobile app or a web-based solution, we leverage cutting edge and reliable technologies to create solutions that will be accessible to the largest userbase possible.

We work with our clients to create a development plan that works with their budget and their requirements to ensure that the final product meets all requirements and exceeds all expectations.

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What We Do

iOS Development
Apps that meet Apple’s exacting standards and reach their discerning userbase is the goal of most businesses when they decide they need an app. Our years of experience as an iOS developer ensure that we’ll get your app on their phones.

Android Development
With Android controlling 75% of the global mobile market, releasing your app to Android users is a must. Our concurrent development process ensures that your app is available to both iOS and Android users so no one misses out.

Web Development
While mobile phones seem like the most common devices we use, 60% of total time spent online is still on a laptop/desktop computer. So creating a web site to advertise your company, or developing a web app for your users to access is still a great way to go.

Game Development
There are over 4 BILLION mobile phones out there, and over 2 BILLION of their owners play mobile games. So the market for mobile gaming is larger than its ever been. No matter what type of game you want to create, our processes and experience ensure that you can get your game in front of all those potential players.

Check out our newest mobile game!

Minor Mine Miner lets guide our tiny protagonist, Ash, through dreams of exploration to discover abandoned goldmines and search for forgotten treasure. As you complete each level, you work to get Ash from the entrance to the exit while discovering as may gold deposits as possible and avoiding dynamite the previous miners may have left behind.